How Can We Help, Today?

“I Need Essential Maintenance” 

If your hearing aids require cleanings, replacements and/or new batteries, then you can find more information about how we can help, here.

“I’m Having Difficulties Hearing” 

If your hearing devices have stopped working, need adjustments and/or you’re ready to take your first step to better hearing, then we’re here for you.

“I Need Emergency Attention” 

If your hearing devices have stopped working or you’ve experienced a sudden hearing loss, then here’s how we can help you.


Firstly, we would like to commend you for being here.

With over 30 million Americans having a hearing loss, yet only a small percentage acting upon it, you’ve taken a huge positive step in being here today.

Because let’s be honest, nobody plans on having a hearing loss and many struggle to come to terms with it, but with drastic advances in hearing technology, modern hearing aids and hearing care is very different to what many believe.

At PHC Tennessee, we make hearing care our number one priority for all our local residents with five locations and a team of 11 leading incredible clinical audiologists.

From our unique “patient-first” approach to fitting our patients with the world’s leading hearing aids, we’re your local full service hearing care experts that will be your hearing care partners for life to maximize your hearing health.

Whether you simply have a question, are concerned about your loved ones hearing care or would like to schedule a hearing assessment, we would be delighted to help.

Man taking his first steps on his hearing journey



Full Hearing Assessment

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, and that’s exactly what you will get. Our hearing assessments are quick, painless and carried out by one of our audiologists.

By having your hearing assessed by an clinical audiologist, we’ll have the expertise to also check many other hearing health factors, not just whether you have a hearing loss, allowing us to give your hearing a full check-up.

Woman having a hearing assessment
Lady during hearing test


45-Day Risk-Free Trial

Our entire service is built on local family value and putting our patients individual hearing care needs first; this is why we do all we can to ensure that you’re delighted with our service.

Should you invest in our hearing technology, and either not be delighted with their “life-changing” capabilities or the service that you’ve received, then we’ll fully refund you during the 45-days.


Latest Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

Sometimes we can’t quite believe how incredible today’s hearing technology is. With incredible sound-quality and features such as connecting your hearing aids to your SmartPhone via Bluetooth, hearing technology is advancing incredibly quickly.

We’ll explain how it can work in your favor and how you can benefit from some of these ingeniuos features.

Lady at an audiology appointment
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What Our Patients Say:

“They are very empathic, professional and understanding of my needs and abilities.”

Rich has been aware of his hearing challenges for the last 50 years.

As if it were yesterday, Rich recalls, “When attending Michigan State University, 1970 thru 1972, I went to the Audio Department for testing. My test results showed I had a response curve that looked like a ‘W’ across the frequency range.”

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– Rich

“Make life easier for yourself and others.”

One of the earlier signs of hearing loss is needing to turn the TV volume up. While this may seem like a simple solution, it can leave family members frustrated and cause friction.

David admits, “Having the volume turned up loud on the TV and radio has not been pleasant.” And while he says his wife never complained, he knows “it bothered her.” He adds, “Plus I asked ‘What?’ a lot,” referring to life before hearing aids.

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– David Newton

“Go see them soon.”

As hearing loss progresses, it can mean gradually missing out on the little things in life – such as the sounds of nature.

David was becoming very frustrated with his hearing loss, but still he wondered, “Would hearing aids really work and could I afford them?”

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– David Smelcer

“You can trust them to educate you on the latest technology, and they will factor your personal issues into the consultation. This is going to improve your life so much!”

Cindy realised that there was a problem with her hearing when she started to notice she was missing out on life events.

“I didn’t want to miss out on life because I couldn’t hear.”

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– Cindy Allen

Latest Hearing Health News

Check out our “Latest and Greatest” section where, together with hearing health professionals and industry experts, we’ll bring you everything you need to know to keep you on top of your hearing health game.

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