When Was The Last Time You Had A Hearing Assessment ?

East Tennessee’s Number One Choice For Better Hearing

There’s a reason we’re known as “East Tennessee’s number one Audiology Hearing Care Center”

We get it. Unlike dental or physical health, we can often forget about our ears assuming they don’t need the same care and attention as other parts of our body.

Most of the time, that’s true, however, it’s when little things start to bug you and you realize all isn’t what it used to be that you start to pay more attention.

A build-up of wax here, a drop in clarity there, these are the warning signs that you might just need to give your hearing care a little bit of love.

If this is you, or it sounds like someone you care about, then we’re happy that you’re here and we’d like to reassure you that you’ve come to a place where our team of Audiology Specialists are all too happy to help you fix whatever problem you or a loved one may have.

Experts in the ears, nose, and throat, our 10 Consultants at East Tennessee are based around 5 convenient locations and are committed to providing you with the best possible hearing healthcare so you can live your life free from hearing problems.

Please browse our site to get a better feel of what we can do for you, and then, if you’d like to book your hearing assessment with us, we’ll be there to take your call.

Why Choose Physicians hearing care Tennessee?

Full Hearing Testing

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, and that’s exactly what we give you during a hearing test. Checking to see everything is as it should be, our highly trained audiologists are the best people to advise a course of treatment should you need it.

45-Day Risk-Free Trial

We do all we can to ensure you’re over the moon with our service and products. Should you purchase our hearing aids and decide to return them, we’ll happily do so respecting your decision with a full refund.

Latest Technology

Sometimes we can’t quite believe how incredible today’s hearing technology is. We’ll explain how it can work in your favor and how you can benefit from some of these genius features.

Receive Dr. Lyndon Ear’s Hearing Health Notes?

Top Audiologist and renowned “Hearing Hero Snail” Dr Lyndon has dedicated some time each month to help your hearing health with some handy notes. There are also crazy facts and exciting promotions, and that’s just the start of this awesome Snail’s trail…

Latest Hearing Health News

Check out our “Latest and Greatest” section where, together with hearing health professionals and industry experts, we’ll bring you everything you need to know to keep you on top of your hearing health game.

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