Losing your hearing can be a scary experience. It may feel as if the world around you is slowly disappearing, with relationships becoming strained as communication becomes more difficult.


You may find that it is easier to avoid potentially problematic situations such as noisy restaurants and bars or making calls on your cell. You may even be getting by with the classic ‘smile and nod’ technique, when really you are struggling to understand what is happening. Ultimately, losing your hearing can leave you feeling isolated and in low spirits.

Hearing aids have dramatically transformed over the last few decades, in look, functionality and perhaps most importantly, in feel. Let’s have a look at what you can expect when you wear your new hearing aid for the very first time.


Don’t expect to be able to hear perfectly straight away. Yes, hearing aids are amazing, advanced pieces of equipment that are able to enhance your hearing ability, but they cannot always restore your hearing to its full range.


It will take a bit of time. Adjusting to this new device in your ear and how it functions, will take time. Be patient, persevere and you will soon be reaping the rewards of healthier hearing.


Don’t panic! If you have been used to a very quiet atmosphere for a long time, having the volume suddenly switched up can be quite a startling experience at first. Gently ease yourself in by using your hearing aid for short periods of time – and perhaps avoid that rock concert during the first few weeks!


Tuning in takes a while. Your ears may have forgotten how to tune into a specific sound but this is a skill that can be regained. Again, patience is key and you will soon remember – it’s like riding a bike.


Here at Physicians Hearing Care, we are a friendly team and would be delighted to help you through what is often a difficult time, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will support you and strive to answer all of your questions until you become a confident hearing aid user.