Granted, any news in the Audiology world is unlikely to cause a flurry of excitement among people who’ve never even considered the effect losing their hearing will have on their lives.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it…you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and when it’s your hearing, that statement couldn’t be more painfully true.

See, if you are one in the 28 million Americans who experience a hearing loss, or if you feel like it might be happening now, it’s easy to take for granted that the right support and equipment’s already out there to ensure it’s all going to be OK; that, well, it won’t actually affect you that much.

And it’s that thinking, right there, which has caused millions of our fellow Americans to become not only disappointed, but also quite frankly disturbed by the reality that their hearing aids don’t deliver on what they say they will.

Where they think they’ll hear better – even though, of course, their hearing is improved with the aids than without – it’s still not quite right, and distortion and fuzzy muddling sounds make it disconcerting in social environments, affecting understanding and confidence.

In addition, where promises of no-disruption battery lives soon fall short after a few hours and go dead, making getting to a charging station not only essential but highly inconvenient, it’s no wonder people can get quite upset adjusting to their new lives with hearing aids.

But, that’s not to say it’s anyone’s fault…it’s more to do with being limited to the technology available.

So…when something new, something exciting, and something altogether breakthrough enough to actually, certainly, and most definitely change the lives of hearing aids wearers shines its light through the windows… you can sort of see now why we might be a little excited.

Introducing ReSound’s LiNX Quattro™ – The World’s Most Advanced Hearing Aids

Not only do these new hearing aids come with all the great things that we associate with ReSound, including their incredible ReSoundAssist, and the ability to use their leading wireless accessories, but they’ve also introduced three never-seen-before features that make them the most exciting hearing devices on the market.

  1. The longest-lasting rechargeable batteries in the world
  2. Unrivalled & unparalleled sound quality

So, what’s the big deal? Don’t all hearing aids have these features?

In a word: NO.

The reason why these features in particular make for such groundbreaking news is that, unlike their predecessors where limited technology meant for limited truth in their claims, the LiNX Quattro™ actually delivers on every single claim and more.

Take claim #1: The longest-lasting rechargeable batteries in the world.

With the new LiNX Quattro, a single three-hour charge results in 30 hours of battery life, making them the longest-lasting hearing aids on the market…and not just that, but 6 hours more ahead of the next best thing.

They come with a small, sleek, charger case that can be carried in your pocket or handbag, which you can charge your hearing aids in.

Also, the super-charge allows you to have 16 hours of battery life in exchange for a one-hour charge, or a mighty 2.7 hours of battery life in exchange for just ten minutes of charge.

Up until now, that has never been heard of.

OK, now take claim #2: Unrivalled & unparalleled sound quality – just clever marketing word-play, right? WRONG.

The new LiNX Quattro™ produces the best sound quality available via their unprecedented Layers of Sound™.

Through their groundbreaking technology, it’s now easier than ever to focus on speech in loud busy environments, allowing you to hold conversations from any direction without them being drowned out by background noise, resulting in a natural and balanced listening experience.

Built to pick up both low- and high-pitched sounds, the new technology beautifully captures quiet situations and gives a comfortable, crisp, and distortion free experience in louder environments.

95% of people surveyed preferred to listen to music with ReSound LiNX Quattro’s compared to other premium hearing aids.

When you consider the enormity of all of these new advancements combined, you can see why the announcement of LiNX Quattro’s arrival is, by far, the most exciting thing for us audiologists, as it genuinely spells a more improved and better quality of life for our patients.

What’s The Word on The Street?

Our team of audiologists have been fitting their first few LiNX Quattro’s to patients over the past few days and it’s been truly incredible.

Do you remember when you had your first hearing aid fitted, and in a moment you discovered all the sounds that you had been missing out on? Well, what we’re seeing a similar realization from patients that are going from older technology to the new LiNX Quattro’s – it’s been amazing to experience.

Here’s what some of our leading audiologists think about this new technology:

Dr. Andrea Plotkowski:
“I love that the charger has reverse battery power and the patients that I’ve fitted with the Quattro was delighted with the initial fit settings and very few adjustments were needed” 

Dr. Jaclyn Drolet:
“My favorite part of the new Quattro hearing aids is that music sounds natural, the patient has more control of phone calls through the app and that they can have over one day’s worth of charge in exchange for little charge time”

 Dr. Kalyn Bradford:
“The sound quality of the streaming through the Quattro is incredible”

Want To Experience the Difference For Yourself?

Whether you’re a hearing aids wearer, or someone who feels they may need a pair in the future, or even if you’re someone caring for another who needs them, then we highly recommend you come in store and see us for a demonstration of these incredible aids.

During your demonstration, we’ll fit you with LiNX Quattro™ hearing aids, show you how they work, explain how the charger case works and allow you to experience them for yourself.

You can then sample the incredible sound quality for yourself, and make a decision to whether you’d like to take this incredible technology home and trade in your current devices with our “Buy Back Scheme “or continue with your current technology.

It’s all in a relaxed environment with no pressure – this is simply your opportunity to try our latest technology and make a decision for yourself.

Schedule your complimentary demonstration by clicking here or contact your local office, here.