Dr. Lyndon Ear

Hello-ho-ho, my friend. 

Merry Christma…

…ok, we’re a little early, but after the year we’ve all had, why not?

hey, it’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it?

But we wanted to help you end on a high and offer a bit of happiness to you ahead of the holidays. 

We continue to be amazed by you and our patients. You’ve pressed on throughout all of this, and what’s more, you’ve done it with a smile…at least, we think you have, as it’s only been the eyes we’ve seen! 

Change is hard; uncertainty is hard, and PHC is blessed to continue taking care of such wonderful people. 

So, we just wanted to say thank you. 

Thank you for giving us a reason to be happy. 




As well as it being ho ho ho season, it’s also hip-hip-hooray season for us, as we have two birthdays to celebrate in December: Jackie Drolet on the 27th and Kristin Cresci on the 28th. 

happy birthday

We’ll be trading our usual staff dinner and party for a virtual event, in line with the restrictions. But once these are lifted, boy will we be making up for it!

Just to let you know, the clinics will be closed from noon on December 24 and December 25th, and January 1st over the holiday period. Please let us know if you need an appointment near these dates.

We truly hope you have some wonderful holiday celebrations planned for December and the new year – despite the present constraints. 

Struggling for a Holiday gift? 

Of course, the best bit of the holiday season is spending time with loved ones, but let’s be truthful here and agree that the second-best bit is giving them a gift you know they’ll love!

If you have someone in the family with a hearing loss, here are two great gift ideas that they’ll not only love but really love you for!

#1 TV streamers, which send sounds from your television straight to your hearing aids.

#2 Remote mics, which give you enhanced amplification when there’s a lot of background noise.

If you’d like to know more about these potential presents, contact one of our offices here, and the friendly team will be all too happy to help.

Riddle Me This! 

Everyone at PHC loves playing games, so we thought we’d extend the fun and smiles on to you by presenting you with a series of riddles to guess…

  • What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?
  • What goes up and down but doesn’t move?
  • What has hands but can’t clap?

Think you know the answers? Hit “reply” on this email and send us your guesses!

Patient Resources

At Physicians Hearing Care, we understand technology can be frustrating. However, it’s often easy to forget that even tech giants, such as Apple, still haven’t quite figured things out…

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If you’ve left it last minute this year, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Get some gift inspiration from our blog…

Read more…

Before we go, from all of us here at PHC Tennessee, we’d like to thank you for sticking with us this year, and we truly hope for a happier 2021. Chin chin!

Have a question or need help? We’re here for you!
Contact one of our offices here.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas now.
Dr. Lyndon Ear

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Dr. Kalyn Bradford Au.D.

Dr. Kalyn Bradford is the director of hearing aid services here at Physician's Hearing Care. She completed her externship with Physician's Hearing Care in 2013 and subsequently joined the practice in 2014 after graduating with her doctoral degree in audiology from Louisiana Tech University. She joined PHC as a clinical audiologist, where she performed comprehensive audiological exams and specialized in helping patients to hear better using the latest hearing aid technology available. She has carried that experience into her current role as director of hearing aid services, where she does an excellent job managing the audiologists to ensure that all patients are treated with the best hearing care possible.