hearing aids help people connect with the people most important to them.

No one one comes to us because they want hearing aids: they contact us because they’re having difficulty communicating with those closest to them. Typically their spouse is frustrated due to frequent miscommunication. Perhaps they frequently ask people to repeat themselves. Family members complain the volume on the TV is way too loud. Or maybe they find it is difficult to keep up with conversations in social situations. Hearing aids are tools that can help address these challenges.

Working closely with the physicians at ENT Consultants of East Tennessee, our Audiologists will determine the cause of your hearing difficulties and recommend the best course of action. There are lots of different hearing aids on the market today, but they are only as good as the professionals that program and fit the devices to suit your unique hearing loss, anatomy, daily lifestyle and financial concerns.

At Physicians Hearing Care, we strive to provide you with the best, most cost effective hearing aids for your unique situation. Our goal is to recommend and provide devices that are most appropriate for you and your day-to-day activity. Understanding hearing aid technology is challenging without guidance. Our highly trained audiologists are here to provide information to navigate your journey to better hearing. You can always rely on “East Tennessee’s Choice for Better Hearing.”