Oticon is one of the world’s premier hearing aid manufacturers. They have a  deep commitment to helping people communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively. In short, not only do they want to help you hear better, they want you to live better.

Oticon Opn – A New Kind of Hearing Aid

Oticon Opn is available at Physicians Hearing CareThe Oticon Opn allows you to listen to multiple speakers even in noisy environments. The computer processors within these hearing aids are so fast it can remove unwanted noise around you helping you to focus on what you want to hear. The Oticon Opn connects directly and wirelessly to your iPhone so you can use your hearing aids to listen to phone calls or stream your  favorite music. The Opn is also the first hearing aid that connects to the internet via the “If This Then That Network.” This opens the door to connect your hearing aids to a limitless range of of internet connected devices.

Oticon Dynamo – More Power, Less Size

Oticon Dynamo from Physicians Hearing CareThe Dynamo is a super power hearing aid for  severe to profound hearing loss. The Dynamo gives you a fuller spectrum of sounds to help you understand speech, without the annoying feedback common in other high power devices. Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology preserves the clarity of speech and sends that sound to your brain is best able to understand.

Oticon Alta2

The Alta2 is designed to help you hear by matching your individual sound perception to create a unique satisfying and natural hearing experience. Alta2 provides a complete line of premium hearing aid styles to suit any ear. The comfortable designRITE makes it possible to choose a look as unique as you: discreet to match your skin tone or a vibrant color to match your personal style.