Phonak Hearing Aids – Life is On

Phonak has been changing lives with advanced hearing aid technology for 70 years. They are considered be a pioneer in developing life changing hearing technology.

Audeo B™ – Direct

Phonak Audeo B-Direct hearing aids from Physicians Hearing Care of Knoxville

Phonak Audeo B – Direct hearing aids can connect to any bluetooth enabled cell phone, It doesn’t matter whether you use iPhone, Android or any other Bluetooth enabled phone. Simply pair your hearing aids and then take the call. Because the Audeo functions just like a wireless headset by using the built in microphones to pick up your voice, it is the only truly jands-free hearing aid option. Using the TV connector hub, you can also use your hearing aids as wireless headphones to enjoy you favorite shows and movies in high quality stereo.


Phonak Virto B Hearing Aids from Physicians Hearing Care of TennesseePhonak Virto™ B

The Virto hearing aid is precisely calibrated to your unique ear anatomy to deliver higher hearing performance. Each set is custom-made to perfectly fir your ears for better comfort and sound delivery. The processor is fully automatic to adjust to changing listening environments  making listening effortless. Over 1600 data points are identified to more reliabluy sense where sound is coming from just as it would with normal hearing.


Phonak CROS B – The smart solution for single sided hearing

Phonak CROS B is ideal for patients with single sided deafnessThe CROS uses a microphone to transmit sounds from your non-hearing ear to the hearing aid on the other side. The hearing aid receives the signal wirelessly to play in your good ear. Small and discreet, the CROS requires no surgical procedures. Simply turn it on and enjoy conversations in quiet or noisy environments.