Physicians Hearing Care provides patients with a 45-day risk free trial period.

All hearing aids purchased from Physicians Hearing Care come with a risk-free, 45-day trial period. After payment, you have 45 days to wear the hearing aids to decide if you want to keep them, try other devices or return the aids. A full refund is issued to patients who return their hearing aids in good working order within the 45-day trial period. No questions asked.

Risk-Free Trial

You take a test drive a car before buying it, why shouldn’t you test drive something as life changing as new hearing aids? Wear them to work, wear them at your favorite restaurant, go see a movie. We want you to experience them as you would in everyday life. We are confident that you will enjoy the new experience that we will offer a full refund during the trial period.

Let us know when we can start your risk-free trial period! We are ready to help you hear your best at East Tennessee’s Choice for Better Hearing!