When it comes to hearing better, we are East Tennessee’s first choice for care. We have a reputation of thorough, comprehensive treatment for our patients along with a depth of knowledge that our team of providers add to the process.

Here’s what to expect from us as you seek to improve your ability to hear.

Hearing Evaluation

Your success is determined by a thorough evaluation of your hearing. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment, your medical history and a good look at your ear to determine the nature and cause of your hearing difficulties. If we see medical issues within the ear we coordinate care with the specialists at Ear Nose & Throat Consultants of East Tennessee.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Our audiologists are experts in hearing and stay abreast of innovations in diagnostics and hearing aids. We will customize your hearing, dizziness, or tinnitus treatment plan to give you the best path forward.


Hearing rehabilitation is a journey. Included with every set of hearing aids purchased from us is six months of follow-up visits for counseling and adjustments.

Free Trial Period

Our risk-free, 45 day trial period is like an extended test-drive. After initial payment, you have 45 days to decide if these hearing aids are right for you.  If you decide these hearing aids are not right for you, return them in good working order for a no questions asked full refund.

Product Warranty

Each set of hearing aids we fit comes with a 2-year product warranty from the manufacturer. In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your hearing aids, the manufacturer will make the needed repair.