Are You Also Struggling to Wear a Face Mask Due To Your Hearing Aids?

We’re Giving Away 500 Custom Mask Extenders to Allow You to Comfortably Wear Your Face Mask Without the Risk of Losing Your Devices

Ever since face masks become mandatory, we’ve had a surge of phone calls from patients that are struggling to wear their hearing aids along with a face mask.

As you’ll know, with the straps of a face mask also sitting behind your ear, our patients that wear a “behind-the-ear” hearing device (the most common style) are experiencing all sorts of challenges, which is even resulting in some patients losing their hearing devices all together.

But we’ve found a solution.

Mask extenders – or what we call ‘Hear Savers’ – allows you to connect your face mask securely to the extender, which sits at the back of your head, ensuring that your face mask straps do not sit around you ears.

This ensures that you can comfortably wear your face mask without any risk of losing or causing issues with your hearing devices

With an increased demand from our patients, we have ordered 500 custom-printed ‘Physicians Hearing Care’ extenders that we would like to give away to those that are having challenges.

To request your mask extender, simply complete the form on this page and we’ll mail your extender to you in the next 3-5 days.

Request Your ‘Hear Saver’ Mask Extender

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