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There’s no shortage of places to have your hearing tested and/or to purchase hearing aids in today’s world. You can do it online, you can do it at your local big box store, or you can even do it in some retail spaces.

But in the same way that you would never trust the internet to self-prescribe medication, or a retail employee to diagnose a health condition, it’s never been more important to make the right decision for your long-term hearing health.

PHC Tennessee is a nationally respected team of hearing care experts that is at the forefront of industry-leading audiological best practices that see us respected by physician and medical providers across Tennessee.

You can be confident that you’re working with a team of experts that has successfully helped thousands of people just like you to achieve the outcome that you’re looking for.

Our Tellico Village and Parkwest offices will be fitting the Jabra Enhance Plus with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a team of wonderful people that will soon become your friends, this is advanced hearing healthcare with soul and heart!

Jabra specialists of Physicians Hearing Care Tennessee

“My greatest gift is being able to hear my granddaughter’s voice.”

“Dr. Davis was so kind and gentle with my care. She’s worked with me on the type of hearing aid I could afford.” Charlotte added that Dr. Davis was also “very patient with my lack of technology.”

Noting that “hearing loss is devastating,” she says now with her hearing aids, “My greatest gift is being able to hear my granddaughter’s voice. Especially in the car!”

Charlotte highly recommends PHC Tennessee, saying, “Dr. Davis has been so helpful. She’s moved me through the process seamlessly.

- Charlotte Rigsby

“Run! Don’t walk! Make an appointment as fast as you can!”

“Hearing aids have allowed me to hear! My hearing has declined rapidly to the point that without the hearing aids, I live in a silent world. With the hearing aids, I can have a conversation with my family and hear my grandbabies’ laughs.”

Giving PHC a 10/10 rating, she encourages others, “Run! Don’t walk! Make an appointment as fast as you can!”

– Roberta R.

“They are the best!”

When Curtis found out he had a hearing loss following a hearing test at work, he knew he had to do something about it. There were too many good things in life he didn’t want to miss.

He says, “I wanted to be able to hear my grandchildren and the birds sing.”

At his first appointment with PHC Tennessee, he recalls that the team was “very helpful” and he appreciated the in-depth information he was provided. Curtis explains they were “concerned to make sure my wife and I understood about the hearing aids and their care.”

With his new hearing aids, all the sounds Curtis enjoys remain intact. He says, “I can hear my grandchildren talk, talk on the phone, hear the birds sing, and not have the TV on its highest setting.”

He encourages anyone experiencing hearing issues to visit PHC, saying, “Go. They are the best!”

– Curtis Hunt

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If you are straining to hear conversations, have become dependent on turning up the volume, or have difficulty understanding others when there is background noise, you could be suffering from a hearing loss.

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