Dr. Lyndon Ear

Hello there,

And welcome to a brand-new year of…hopefully, better stuff than the last.

All of us here at PHC truly hope you had a wonderful holiday, and, if it was possible, you got to spend it with the people that make you smile.

Speaking of such people (pssst, it’s you by the way; you’re our such people), we’d really like to kick 2021 off with a list of things we’re looking forward to this year. 

Care to join us?

Well, okay then. Let’s go…

Firstly, we’re DELIGHTED that this new vaccine is ready and raring to go for the good people of Tennessee and beyond.

This impeccable feat in science has been such a thing of awe between us “ear scientists,” and we’re so looking forward to being able to meet up with friends and family again once it’s rolled out.

happy birthday

Secondly, as we strive to be East Tennessee’s choice for better hearing, we’re so happy to have been able to stay open in order to support you throughout this pandemic.

Now, although we may not entirely be out of the woods yet,  there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we must remain vigilant to keep everyone safe.

Finally, after a long evening of counting, we’re so happy to share that last year, despite everything, we managed to help over 1,400 people by fixing their hearing aids in house. 


Honestly, the joy this brings to us is insurmountable, so thank you for trusting us throughout.

If you need any help fixing one or both of your hearing aids, we offer this service for ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens, Unitron, and Signia.

If you would like to book an appointment or find out about how we can assist you, call one of our offices to speak to our friendly team here


As a little reminder, pretty please remember to call us before dropping in; this way we can ensure your safety and that of others. Thank you.

Also, we’d like to remind you about our mask-extenders/hearsavers that we have in each of our offices. Just give your local PHC a ring if you’d like one.

Birthday time! With a new year comes a new round of birthdays (did you know?) and we’re happy to wish birthday greetings to our very own Katie McFalls on Jan. 14 and Devin Jones on Jan. 20.

Who am I? 

It’s true to say that many of you enjoyed our holiday game “Riddle Me This” in last month’s newsletter, and everyone at the office loved your feedback.

So to lift all our spirits, we decided to run another game, “Who am I?”, where you need to guess the person using the clues below:

1) I was born in Waco, Texas in 1945 and later moved to California with my family.

2) I went on to become a well-known comedian, making appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Saturday Night Live, which I have hosted 15 times in total.

3) Alongside stand-up routines, I had a successful career as a writer and actor, starring in Roxanne, LA Story, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

4) More recently, I’ve been touring with my friend and fellow comedian Martin Short, providing audiences with an evening full of laughs.

Think you know who I am? Click reply on this email and tell us your best guesses! 

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Dr. Lyndon Ear

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Dr. Kalyn Bradford Au.D.

Dr. Kalyn Bradford is the director of hearing aid services here at Physician's Hearing Care. She completed her externship with Physician's Hearing Care in 2013 and subsequently joined the practice in 2014 after graduating with her doctoral degree in audiology from Louisiana Tech University. She joined PHC as a clinical audiologist, where she performed comprehensive audiological exams and specialized in helping patients to hear better using the latest hearing aid technology available. She has carried that experience into her current role as director of hearing aid services, where she does an excellent job managing the audiologists to ensure that all patients are treated with the best hearing care possible.