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Oticon’s mission began over 100 years ago. In 1904, Hans Demant, desiring to help his wife Camilla live a better life, unhindered by her hearing loss, provided the help she needed using one of the first electronic hearing aids in the world.

From this caring foundation as a starting point, providing support to those with hearing challenges became the passion of Oticon, constantly working toward the vision of a world in which hearing loss poses no limitations. Innovative life-changing technologies that challenge conventions are at the forefront of Oticon’s efforts to continue as a leader in cutting-edge technology.

The company’s commitment to never compromise on quality has helped establish Oticon’s reputation for providing the best quality sound, reliability, and ease-of-use throughout the world.

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Oticon’s Sound Processing

Oticon’s 21st century innovations are centered around their Brain Hearing concept, which involves designing and producing hearing aid technology capable of supporting how the brain processes sound and speech in order to distinguish meaning rather than just amplifying sound.

Today’s Oticon hearing aids come with an increased memory capacity and sound detectors that monitor changes in the acoustic environment with 56,000 measurements per second. Signal processing algorithms work to provide proactive feedback management and AI drives sound navigation technology capable of helping device wearers to distinguish between multiple speakers within a noisy environment.

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Features of Oticon Hearing Aids

Applying micro-digital and nano-digital technology innovations to their hearing instruments, allow Oticon to manufacture increasingly smaller, lighter and more discreet hearing devices with features like:

  • Two communication systems operate in one hearing aid. One between hearing aids for improved spatial awareness and the other for wireless communication with external devices such as smartphones, TV, computers and other digital devices using low battery consumption.
  • Support for tinnitus using Bluetooth® hearing aids, includes an integrated sound generator with broadband sounds and ocean-like sounds that can be personalized to meet specific needs.
  • Listening preferences and needs to fit a variety of preprogrammed sound environments can be personalized by the user.
  • Speech preservation to produce clear, transparent sound quality and speech details to improve your ability to understand speech in soft to loud noise with less effort, even when multiple speakers are competing for your attention.
  • The capacity to expand the input dynamic range so you enjoy better sound quality without distortion even in loud environments.
  • Genie fitting and counseling tool assists your hearing care provider with fitting your device, and facilitates ongoing counseling and support from a remote location.

East Tennessee’s Patient-Focused Hearing Care at PHC

Oticon hearing aids are among the advanced technology solutions our hearing aid specialists at Physicians Hearing Care use to address your better hearing needs, but no form of technology can replace you as our primary focus.

We base our personalized hearing care on a highly accurate comprehensive hearing assessment that identifies your unique hearing challenges, and then follow up with the treatment or hearing instrument best suited to address your specific type and severity of hearing loss as well as your personal and budget preferences.

Our team goes beyond the process of fitting you with advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers, like Oticon, Phonak, ReSound and more, by providing ongoing technical support, device maintenance and hearing aid repair so you can enjoy better hearing and an active, independent lifestyle.

If you, or a loved one needs some help from one of our hearing aid technicians, contact the most trusted hearing care clinic in East Tennessee using the adjacent form.

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