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A manufacturer of telegraphic instruments, Werner von Siemens became a pioneer in hearing aid technology after developing a telephone receiver with a horseshoe magnet capable of amplifying voice signals and improving voice clarity. The Sivantos brand of hearing instruments are built on this 150+ year foundation of innovation.

Acquired by Sivantos, the first Siemens hearing devices were the Phonophor, sold before World War II, the Auriculette hearing aid in 1959, and the Siretta 339, which was the first device worn entirely in-the-ear (ITE). The early success of these instruments helped Sivantos capture European, North American and Asian markets prior to the 1970s.

Using Siemens’ technology, such as Binax, Sivantos accelerated the development of smart products and applications with practical and convenient benefits for people with hearing loss, working hard to reshape the industry in terms of innovation with cutting-edge products, services, and channels.

The company’s merger with Widex in 2019, establishing WS Audiology, increased the strength and breadth of this foundation to become an innovation leader in hearing aid technology as well as advance to becoming one of the premier large-scale manufacturing partnerships worldwide.

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Sivantos’ Sound Processing

E2e wireless technology, used to share and balance incoming sound data between the two hearing aids, is a major feature of Sivantos’ Binax sound processing technology.

Designed to simulate binaural hearing using an eight microphone network (four per hearing aid), Sivantos hearing aids address common sound quality and speech clarity issues come in the form of Narrow Directionality, Spatial Speech Focus, eWindScreen binaural and High Definition Sound Resolution with innovative solutions.

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Features of Sivantos Hearing Aids

Sivantos’ broad selection of RIC, CIC and BTE devices, which operate on the OVP platform, come in both instant fit and custom formed configurations, and are lithium ion-powered with a come with 24-hour, rechargeable capacity to help make wearing a hearing aid less of a hassle.

Bluetooth streaming and direct connectivity between your hearing aids and your iPhone, Android and a wide range of other digital devices enhances your hearing experience. Connectivity along with the TeleCare app allows users to stay up-to-date with their hearing care provider for ongoing counseling and support without the necessity of an in-office appointment.

East Tennessee’s Patient-Focused Hearing Care at PHC

Sivantos hearing aids are among the advanced technology solutions our hearing aid specialists at Physicians Hearing Care use to address your better hearing needs, but no form of technology can replace you as our primary focus.

We base our personalized hearing care on a highly accurate comprehensive hearing assessment that identifies your unique hearing challenges, and then follow up with the treatment or hearing instrument best suited to address your specific type and severity of hearing loss as well as your personal and budget preferences.

Our team goes beyond the process of fitting you with advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers, like Oticon, Phonak, ReSound and more, by providing ongoing technical support, device maintenance and hearing aid repair so you can enjoy better hearing and an active, independent lifestyle.

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