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As a global leader, the ambition of Widex is to unlock human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life.

Though Widex hearing aids was established in Denmark more than 65 years ago, the 2019 merger with Sivantos, creating WS Audiology, combined over 140 years of experience in pioneering better solutions to help people with hearing loss and made the Widex brand the third largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world.

AI powered personalization and seamless integration with other digital technology are included in the company’s most advanced sound engine, adding to the solid reputation already established by Widex in the hearing aid industry.

The commitment of Widex to maintaining long term partnerships with hearing care providers as well as their “passion for hearing” and ongoing dedication to the development of innovative technologies has driven the company’s success. Exacting standards in manufacturing makes it possible for Widex to produce hearing aids with higher-level sound quality and instrument dependability.

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Widex’s Sound Processing

The development of DEX sound processing, which has become the gold standard for modern digital audio solutions, has placed Widex at the forefront of the hearing aid industry. It uses machine learning to optimize sound settings and overcome the demanding challenges of all listening environments, known as the Widex Fluid Sound Analyzer.

Widex Moment technology, preferred by musicians worldwide, is a DEX hearing aid platform feature capable of producing more natural sound by synchronizing the arrival of sound not processed through the instrument with processed sound.

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Features of Widex Hearing Aids

Those struggling with tinnitus are also able to find relief thanks to Widex Zen Therapy, which is included in DEX hearing aids as well.

Linking with iPhone and Android devices using Bluetooth technology is another Widex hearing aids feature. When used along with the TeamViewer app, users are able to request programming adjustments, get tech-support and troubleshooting, and receive counseling from a hearing care provider from any remote location.

East Tennessee’s Patient-Focused Hearing Care at PHC

Widex hearing aids are among the advanced technology solutions our hearing aid specialists at Physicians Hearing Care use to address your better hearing needs, but no form of technology can replace you as our primary focus.

We base our personalized hearing care on a highly accurate comprehensive hearing assessment that identifies your unique hearing challenges, and then follow up with the treatment or hearing instrument best suited to address your specific type and severity of hearing loss as well as your personal and budget preferences.

Our team goes beyond the process of fitting you with advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers, like Oticon, Phonak, ReSound and more, by providing ongoing technical support, device maintenance and hearing aid repair so you can enjoy better hearing and an active, independent lifestyle.

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