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Dr. Lyndon Ear here, with October’s edition of your newsletter.

Right, let’s kick off with a bit of trivia…

What do hollowed-out animal horns and trumpets* have in common?

Amazingly, back in the day, these two objects were used to solve hearing problems!

*And yes, I mean ear trumpets, not actual trumpets.

And then, in the early 1900s, the very first electronic hearing aid was pioneered, which has since paved the way for a century’s worth of mind-blowing technological advancements.

Speaking of which, another such advancement has just been released, a development so great, in fact, that it’s been touted as the hearing aid device that will redefine wearers’ experiences.

Welcome, my friend, to the age of The ReSound ONE.


Well, that’s what we’re putting to the test.

You see, at PHC, we’re all for glowing descriptions and celebratory claims, but, as our number one priority is our patients, we want to see what the fuss is about ourselves, so we can, in turn, pass on its benefits straight to you.

So, right now, we have a team of patients who are testing out the ReSound ONE, and, let me tell you, the feedback so far has been very positive.

Many wearers report a significant increase in the quality of sound, which, without getting too technical on you, is one of the benefits of The ReSound ONE’s revolutionary design, as it literally mimics the ear.

We are so excited to see how many lives we can change with this new technology. This product, paired with our team, will be an excellent addition to any patient’s life.

That said, would you like to try it for yourself? You’re very welcome to; find your nearest office here and give us a call; we’ll happily tell you all you need to know and get you set up.


Last month, we said we’re like little kids with candy, and this month, we’re like bigger kids with candy, as our Express Patient Care Service continues to go down a treat with our patients.

The service is aimed at those who require immediate attention, whether repairs, cleaning, or adjustments. This “pit stop” service makes it easier than ever to get the care you need in the most convenient way.

Running between 1-3 pm Monday to Thursday, you can find out all the information here.


How One Deaf Filmmaker Made Cinematic History

A hearing loss can feel like a heavy burden.

But I’m here to tell you about a deaf filmmaker called Chase Burton who didn’t let his impairment get in the way of his ambitions!

Working with California tech company Not Impossible Labs, he wore a specially designed suit on set that let him “feel” different sounds.

Made up of twenty-four vibrating points, positioned from the top of his back to the bottom of his ankles, this let him sense the intensity of various noises.

In the future, Chase believes this resource can have multiple benefits.

I see [the] technology as a real opportunity to bring deaf and hearing audiences together and create a new kind of experience,” he told CNN.

Inspirational stories like this show how a hearing loss doesn’t have to be a hindrance when paired with the right mindset and specialist assistance! Find the full story here.

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Dr. Kalyn Bradford is the director of hearing aid services here at Physician's Hearing Care. She completed her externship with Physician's Hearing Care in 2013 and subsequently joined the practice in 2014 after graduating with her doctoral degree in audiology from Louisiana Tech University. She joined PHC as a clinical audiologist, where she performed comprehensive audiological exams and specialized in helping patients to hear better using the latest hearing aid technology available. She has carried that experience into her current role as director of hearing aid services, where she does an excellent job managing the audiologists to ensure that all patients are treated with the best hearing care possible.