Physician’s Hearing Care is East Tennessee’s top hearing provider because we provide the best devices and the best patient care at affordable prices. Although our hearing aids are remarkably durable, no device is completely immune to damage.

Whether the hearing aid gets dropped into water, stepped on, or picked up by your pet, sometimes accidents happen.

When your hearing aid stops working properly, you might wonder, “How will I hear until it’s fixed?” and “How much does a hearing aid repair cost?”.

The team at Physician’s Hearing Care (PHC) has great answers to those questions to put your mind at ease.

With our hearing experts, repairs are swift and affordable. We can fix devices remotely and on-site, often preventing the need to send devices away for repair.

We repair hearing aids from a wide variety of manufacturers, including ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens, Unitron, and Signia. We take GREAT delight in fixing hearing aids in-house. In the last year, we have repaired over 1,400 devices, mostly in-house.

Troubleshooting: Tips to Try Before a Repair

While we love repairing devices, you might not actually need a repair.

There are some simple steps you can try at home for a quick solution to your problem.

Particularly when you have a new hearing aid, there’s a small learning curve. So, try these helpful tips first.

  • Check to make sure you turned it on and that it didn’t switch off accidentally.
  • Clean your device well with the brush and pick tool.
  • Check that the battery door is closed, or try a new battery.
  • Make sure your device spent enough time in the charging station.
  • Dry your hearing aid fully if it got wet.
  • Try reinserting the device for optimal positioning.
  • Change your wax guard if removing ear wax doesn’t do the trick.
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Typical Cost of Hearing Aid Repair at PHC

PHC’s esteemed audiologists are pleased to accept most major insurance plans, which minimizes your out-of-pocket cost. We’ll work to secure the most affordable rates and guarantee coverage before your appointment.

Each person’s plan is unique, but most patients find the actual repairs are covered by insurance. However, some patients will be charged a copay for their office visit.

– Hearing Aids Under Warranty: No charge for repairs, but an office visit fee might apply to some patients, depending on their insurance plan.

– Hearing Aids Out of Warranty: If the device can’t be fixed in-house, the typical manufacturer repair fee is $250 for devices under 4 years old.

How to Hear While Your Device is Repaired

PHC’s caring team knows how greatly hearing loss impacts your life. That’s why we offer unprecedented care around the clock.

Rest assured that whether it’s a weekend or late at night, you have access to either our walk-in clinic, a home visit, virtual appointments, or our drop-off service for continuous express care.

You won’t have to miss out on anything while you wait for repairs.

We’ll provide a quick replacement if your device is irreparable or fit you with a temporary device if yours needs to be sent away for repairs.

How to Prevent Repair Fees Completely

You’ve probably heard the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is definitely true with hearing aids. While PHC’s repairs are both swift and affordable, the best-case scenario is no repairs at all!

Preventing damage to your hearing aids promotes longevity and maintains the integrity of the device.

Here are some ways to prolong the high-quality sound you count on with PHC’s hearing aids.

  • Keep your device clean and free of ear wax.
  • Protect it from moisture and beauty products.
  • Keep it stored in a cool, dry place, in its charger or case.
  • Keep it away from pets and children.
  • Replace the battery often and remove batteries if wet.
  • Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance at PHC.

Visit PHC for Affordable Hearing Aid Repairs

With specialists on our team with vast experience with ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens,

Unitron, and Signia, we’ve resolved all types of hearing aid issues.

Call us today if you need help with repairs, cleanings, or adjustments.

We’ll always provide the best price and the best solution, often within a few minutes!

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Dr. Kelly McElligott, Au.D.

Dr. Kelly McElligott is a dedicated clinical audiologist based at our Parkwest and Tellico Village practices. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, she started her career in a private practice, vestibular evaluations, pediatrics, newborn hearing screenings, and adult diagnostics before gracing us all with her talents here at PHC. Dr. McElligott’s motivation comes from helping her patients to improve their communication between family members, which is a truly heartwarming feeling for her.