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Rich, Physician’s Hearing Care Tennessee story


“They are very empathic, professional and understanding of my needs and abilities.” – Rich

Rich has been aware of his hearing challenges for the last 50 years.

As if it were yesterday, Rich recalls, “When attending Michigan State University, 1970 thru 1972, I went to the Audio Department for testing. My test results showed I had a response curve that looked like a ‘W’ across the frequency range.”

Nevertheless, life went on and it wasn’t until 2003 when Rich got hearing aids following an important work meeting. “I had to obtain them because, upon returning from Europe and in a Ford Plant Meeting, I missed hearing what I was supposed to be answering questions about.

“I was advised to get my hearing evaluated – so I did. And, I have been wearing them ever since.”

Rich has been very happy with the care received from PHC Tennessee. “They are very empathic, professional, and understanding of my needs and abilities. Have used them multiple times in the past three years and will continue to do so in the future!”

Rich encourages others to address their hearing challenges. “By all means get there and find out for yourself how they can help you hear properly again” he concludes.

David Newton, Physician’s Hearing Care Tennessee story


“Make life easier for yourself and others.” – David Newton

One of the earlier signs of hearing loss is needing to turn the TV volume up. While this may seem like a simple solution, it can leave family members frustrated and cause friction.

David admits, “Having the volume turned up loud on the TV and radio has not been pleasant.” And while he says his wife never complained, he knows “it bothered her.” He adds, “Plus I asked ‘What?’ a lot,” referring to life before hearing aids.

Prior to his appointment at PHC Tennessee, David says he was worried about the stigma associated with hearing aids. “None of the people in my age group wore them,” he says.

During his appointment, David had a comprehensive hearing test and he says his audiologist “taught me that not only would the hearing aid amplify sounds, but the sound of mumbling by others became clear.”

Now he enjoys “clearer sound, understanding others better, and hearing things I had not heard in years.”

He advises potential patients, “Suck it up, cupcake. Make life easier for yourself and others. After a while, even your BFL will get tired of hearing “What did you say?”

David Smelcer, Physician’s Hearing Care Tennessee story


“Go see them soon.” – David Smelcer

As hearing loss progresses, it can mean gradually missing out on the little things in life – such as the sounds of nature.

David was becoming very frustrated with his hearing loss, but still he wondered, “Would hearing aids really work and could I afford them?”

Upon visiting PHC Tennessee, he recalls he was “surprised how professional and knowledgeable she [his audiologist] was.”

David’s new hearing aids have been a great success. He says, “I can hear crickets and spring peepers now.”

When asked what others in a similar position should do, David recommends, “Go see them soon.”

David Newton, Physician’s Hearing Care Tennessee story


“You can trust them to educate you on the latest technology, and they will factor your personal issues into the consultation. This is going to improve your life so much!”- Cindy Allen

Cindy realised that there was a problem with her hearing when she started to notice she was missing out on life events.

“I didn’t want to miss out on life because I couldn’t hear.”

She didn’t know much about hearing aids until her visit to Physicians Hearing Care, but after only one day, she could hear what people were saying and was impressed that she could stream her hearing devices through Bluetooth on her phone.

She emphasizes that she loved her hearing aids from the moment she put them on.

“The audiologist was personable, friendly, and knowledgeable, and the staff will help and guide you to find the solution that works best for your hearing issues. You can trust them to educate you on the latest technology, and they will factor your personal issues into the consultation. This is going to improve your life so much!”

Cindy encourages people to not be afraid to give PHC a try.


“My greatest gift is being able to hear my granddaughter’s voice.” – Charlotte Rigsby

Two years of chemo and radiation treatments took their toll on Charlotte’s hearing. However, the hearing loss didn’t just happen overnight.

Charlotte says, “First, there was ringing in my ears. Then I realized I couldn’t hear in crowds. After several hearing tests, I knew I needed help.”

Prior to coming to PHC Tennessee, her main concern was “caring for my investment in hearing aids.”

Charlotte is very appreciative of Dr. Davis’s support and care. She says, “Dr. Davis was so kind and gentle with my care. She’s worked with me on the type of hearing aid I could afford.” Charlotte added that Dr. Davis was also “very patient with my lack of technology.”

Noting that “hearing loss is devastating,” she says now with her hearing aids, “My greatest gift is being able to hear my granddaughter’s voice. Especially in the car!”

Charlotte highly recommends PHC Tennessee, saying, “Dr. Davis has been so helpful. She’s moved me through the process seamlessly.”


“Run! Don’t walk! Make an appointment as fast as you can!” – Roberta R.

Hearing loss runs in Roberta’s family. So when she started to have some hearing issues in her early 20s, Roberta wasn’t surprised. At that time, she thought “the hearing loss was minimal.”

Fast forward to more recent years, when Roberta started having more trouble with her hearing. Prior to visiting PHC Tennessee, she says, “I did not have any fears or concerns with regard to the visit. I initially thought I had fluid in my ear and went to have it checked.”

Roberta says she was “comfortable” during her appointment, which included a comprehensive hearing assessment.

The end result was hearing aids and for them, she is thankful. Roberta explains, “Hearing aids have allowed me to hear! My hearing has declined rapidly to the point that without the hearing aids, I live in a silent world. With the hearing aids, I can have a conversation with my family and hear my grandbabies’ laughs.”

Giving PHC a 10/10 rating, she encourages others, “Run! Don’t walk! Make an appointment as fast as you can!”


“The sooner you get them, the more successful you will be.” – Suzanne Hummel

Susan, now a retired teacher, first became aware of her hearing loss when she was in her 40s.

She recalls, “I was having trouble hearing the responses of the children. At that point, I went to have a hearing test.” Susan had no worries prior to her appointment because she says, “I needed to hear!”

She is “very happy” with the care she has received from PHC Tennessee, saying, “Your hearing aids are only as good as the person who fits you and does the follow ups.”

Hearing aids have been a positive addition to Susan’s life. She says, “They have helped in many ways, helped to keep me social, continue to work before I retired.”

Reflecting on her own experience with hearing loss, Susan shares, “If you think you need hearing aids, the sooner you get them, the more successful you will be.

“The longer you live in quiet, the harder it is to wear aids because of the additional noise.”



“Step up and make an appointment.” – Evelyn Ann Crytser

Evelyn became aware of her hearing loss when she noticed she was “frequently (too frequently) asking friends to repeat themselves.”

She opted to address her hearing issues right away and doesn’t recall any major worries or concerns. Evelyn says, “I mostly felt it was important to have an assessment.”

Getting in touch with PHC Tennessee was straightforward for her. Evelyn says, “It was easy to schedule an appointment.”

Following Evelyn’s comprehensive hearing assessment, she was prescribed with hearing aids.

She notes, “They haven’t solved all my hearing issues, but they definitely have helped.”

When asked what she would advise others in a similar situation to do, she replies, “I am very proud of the fact that I became pro-active in this issue. Step up and make an appointment for an assessment. Who knows, you may not even need hearing aids – yet!”


“They have made a world of difference.” – Leslie Gallaher

Leslie was in her 50s when her family “complained that I couldn’t hear them.” It wasn’t until she turned 60 when she had her hearing tested and then got her hearing aids.

Prior to visiting PHC Tennessee, she says, “I had no concerns about wearing hearing aids. I guess my only concern was the cost.”

Leslie’s first appointment went very well, and she recalls, “I was pleased with the care I was given and really liked my audiologist, Dan Butler. He is no longer there, but I love Andrea, too.”

It is clear to Leslie that visiting PHC was the right thing to do. She says her new hearing aids “have made a world of difference. I can hear!”

Leslie recommends that others should follow in her footsteps and visit PHC. “Just make the appointment with the physicians to make sure it is not organic. Then get tested.”


“Address the issue before you start ignoring others.” – Lois

Lois says she became concerned about her hearing when she “could not hear my cell phone ringing in another room and my husband could.”

It was that moment that prompted her to get her hearing tested. Unfortunately, her first attempt at treating her hearing loss didn’t go very well.

She had a free hearing test at one provider and “they wanted to sell me hearing aids at twice the price as PHC.”

Her second stop was at PHC Tennessee. Lois didn’t have any worries this time around, as they are associated with the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors. She recalls the team “seemed professional” and it is here where Lois found the right treatment.

Lois is pleased with her hearing aids, saying, “I wear them every day and can hear better.” She advises others, “Get your hearing tested and address the issue before you start ignoring others.”


“They are the best!” – Curtis Hunt

When Curtis found out he had a hearing loss following a hearing test at work, he knew he had to do something about it. There were too many good things in life he didn’t want to miss.

He says, “I wanted to be able to hear my grandchildren and the birds sing.”

At his first appointment with PHC Tennessee, he recalls that the team was “very helpful” and he appreciated the in-depth information he was provided. Curtis explains they were “concerned to make sure my wife and I understood about the hearing aids and their care.”

With his new hearing aids, all the sounds Curtis enjoys remain intact. He says, “I can hear my grandchildren talk, talk on the phone, hear the birds sing, and not have the TV on its highest setting.”

He encourages anyone experiencing hearing issues to visit PHC, saying, “Go. They are the best!”


“I can now understand people when they speak.” – Louis Devillon

Engaging in conversation can be difficult if you can’t hear what the other person is saying clearly.

This is exactly what Louis was struggling with before coming to PHC Tennessee. He explains that he was “having trouble discerning spoken words.”

His first appointment soon remedied the problem. Following a good chat with his audiologist and a comprehensive hearing assessment, Louis found himself on the journey to better hearing.

With his new hearing aids, he says, “I can now understand people when they speak.”

Louis gives PHC Tennessee a 9/10 rating and encourages everyone, “Schedule an appointment with PHC and improve your hearing.”


“My hearing has improved.” – Titus E. Williams

Titus knew he had a hearing loss.

However, he was “unsure about the amount of loss I was experiencing and if it could be restored.” Furthermore, he wondered what would happen if nothing could be done for him.

Titus visited PHC Tennessee following the recommendation of his trusted primary care physician. His audiologist did a full evaluation of Titus’s hearing and helped him to choose the right hearing aids.

Now, Titus says, “My hearing has improved,” although he currently still has a few issues with understanding word pronunciation.

Overall, Titus is very happy with his experience at PHC, rating them 10/10.


“I would recommend PHC if you are having hearing problems.” – Bobby Raines

Bobby first noticed a problem with his hearing several years ago. Soon after, he contacted PHC Tennessee to make an appointment without any hesitation.

He says, “I knew they were to help me and they knew what to do.”

Following his visit to PHC, where he was given a comprehensive hearing test and had the chance to discuss his challenges and lifestyle requirements with his audiologist, the help he needed was received.

Bobby says hearing aids have “helped me to hear what people were saying.”

He rates PHC Tennessee 10/10, saying, “I would recommend PHC if you are having hearing problems.”


“It was the best decision I have made.” – Sue Lane

Prior to visiting PHC Tennessee, Sue was struggling with hearing conversations and responding appropriately to others’ comments. Yet she recalls, “I didn’t know if hearing aids would help or not.”

However, at her appointment, she learned her hearing loss could be treated with hearing aids. She also remembers, “Everyone was friendly and helpful.”

Since getting her hearing aids, Sue says, “I can participate in conversations and make more accurate responses.”

Satisfied with her outcome, she advises others, “You should make that appointment. It was the best decision I have made.”


“Try it. You’ll like it.” – Bryan Draper

Bryan discovered he had a hearing loss following his physical for West Point.

So, Bryan headed to PHC Tennessee for help. Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, his audiologist was able to recommend suitable hearing aids.

Now, Bryan is happy with his outcome and he’s realized the impact his hearing loss also had on others. He says, “My hearing aids have probably affected my family and friends more than me. I’m not constantly saying ‘huh.’”

Giving PHC a 9/10 rating, he encourages others, “Try it. You’ll like it.”


“They are good.” – Marvin Martin

Hearing loss often happens gradually over the years. For Marvin, it began when he was in his late 50s.

Fortunately, Marvin didn’t have any worries that held him back from getting help. Upon visiting PHC Tennessee, he had a
comprehensive hearing assessment and then discussed his options afterwards with his audiologist.

Marvin is pleased with his hearing aids, saying they “enabled me to hear much better.”

Rating PHC a high 9/10, he advises others, “Go. They are good.”


“Life is better.” – James Preston

James first became aware of his hearing loss in 1985. So he’s had lots of experience with hearing care and audiologists over the years.

As for PHC Tennessee, he says they are “very good, knowledgeable, and courteous.”

His hearing aids have also helped him to thrive daily. He says, “Life is better, but I still miss some words.”

When asked what others should do about their hearing concerns, James says, “I would encourage them to come to you for help.”


“Don’t hesitate.” – Les

Les was struggling with conversations simply because “I couldn’t hear.”

And despite previously having a somewhat negative experience with one hearing aid manufacturer, which made him “leery of all hearing aids,” Les was pleased with his appointment at PHC Tennessee, saying “everything was great.”

He says he “can communicate” now and to those who are concerned about their hearing, Les adds, “Don’t hesitate.”


“Without my hearing aids, it would be impossible for me to live a normal everyday life.”

– Anonymous

A. was born with a hearing loss but managed to conceal it by teaching themselves to read lips. Their hearing loss was discovered aged 5, following a hearing test in kindergarten.

Finding out they would need hearing aids left A. distraught, “I had seen an old man with a hearing device that the box set on his chest and wires ran to his ears. I started crying because I did not want to wear a hearing aid that the other kids could see and cause them to laugh at me.”

Hearing aids have drastically evolved since that time and A. has had many pairs over the years. While happy with her audiologist, she decided to change to PHC Tennessee because “it was closer to home and had a very knowledgeable staff.”

Despite dreading hearing aids as a child, they are grateful for the hearing they now have. “I have had hearing aids since I was 5 years old. But without my hearing aids, it would be impossible for me to live a normal everyday life.

“Also, without my aids, I would not be able to be a kindergarten teacher.”

To those considering an appointment, A. advises, “If you are having trouble with understanding what people are saying around you, then your first step is a hearing test. The people at PHC are very knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to help you get hearing aids that are the best fit for you.”

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