Professional Cerumen (Earwax) Removal In East Tennessee

You might have impacted earwax if your ears feel clogged up or blocked or if your hearing hasn’t been as good as it normally is. This is nothing to worry about, as it probably just means your ears have too much earwax in them that needs to be cleaned out.

A small amount of earwax isn’t a bad thing – it’s a helpful and natural deterrent against bacterial and fungal growth, and it prevents a lot of small debris from reaching the eardrum.

However, too much earwax can result in headaches, muffled hearing, balance issues, and even ear pain.

Many people in East Tennessee and the surrounding communities visit our doctors of audiology to assist them in removing impacted earwax – usually a problem made worse by using cotton swabs.

With cotton swabs often pushing earwax farther down their ear canal, it can cause a buildup and blockage. This results in many local people turning to us as the premier hearing care provider for support.

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“Andrea R Plotkowski could not have been any more helpful even if she had tried. Very professional and very careing about my feelings about the hearing aids and the cost involved.”

- Bill B.

“I have been very impressed with Physicians Hearing Care the 2 times I have been there. Everyone has been so friendly, polite and patient. I have been seeing Dr. Andrea Plotkowski and she has been top notch. Very genuine, honest and answering all the questions I have for her. They are also so quick to reply back to phone calls and emails. Just really appreciate all of it. Highly recommend checking it out!”

- Kory G.

“Caring professionals with extensive knowledge of your hearing needs. I have worked with this group for over 10 years and have seen so many lives changed!”

- Missy F.

Four Truths About Earwax Removal

Having cleaned earwax out of hundreds of ears, there are 4 big earwax truths.

You don’t need to keep cleaning out your ears.

If you do, your ears might start producing extra earwax to compensate for your needs.

Cotton swabs can damage your hearing permanently.

There’s even a warning on the box saying not to put them in your ear canal! Please don’t push your earwax farther into your ear.

Most video tutorials about earwax removal are not trustworthy.

When it comes to tutorials on social media, everyone pretends to be an expert, but we highly recommend only listening to advice about maintaining hearing health from an audiologist.

While some suggestions, such as using ear drops, can help in mild situations, the best way to assess your situation is by scheduling an appointment with a doctor of audiology to ensure the earwax is removed safely and effectively.

Neglect is not an option.

Impacted earwax won’t fall out on its own and should be cleaned out professionally. Prevention is better than cure, and our doctors of audiology partner with Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants of East Tennessee should you need a referral for an underlying health condition.


What Happens At A Professional Earwax Removal Appointment?

All of our audiologists at Physicians Hearing Care are highly experienced at cleaning ears. Here’s what you can expect during your earwax removal appointment.

1. A Friendly Welcome

We’ll welcome you and talk about how your ear feels. We’ll also ask about your hearing history to get a full picture of your hearing health.

2. An Ear Inspection

We’ll take a look in your ear canal and decide on the best and safest way to clean out your earwax, based on how impacted it is.

3. Earwax Removal

We’ll remove your earwax either with irrigation — flushing it out with warm water — or manual removal – scooping it out with a curette.

4. That Clean, Uncluttered Feeling

Your ears will feel clean and clear, and if the earwax was affecting your hearing, you’ll hear clearly again too.

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Your hearing health is our priority, so if you or a loved one has earwax buildup, you can trust us as East Tennessee’s premier hearing experts.

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