Express Patient Care: The Most Convenient and Safe Way to Receive In-Person Hearing Care and Support

With the challenges presented by COVID-19, reduced in-person appointments available and a limited waiting room, Physicians Hearing Care are proud to introduce ‘Express Patient Care’.

The most convenient, simple and safe way to continue to receive 5-star hearing care, repairs, adjustments and cleanings for your hearing devices.

This new way to receive care and support has been introduced for patients that require a pit-stop and immediate attention, whether repairs, cleaning or adjustments, to minimize your time in our office yet allow you to receive the support that you need as part of an express appointment.

How Does it Work?

‘Express Patient Care’ time-slots are available at 1-3pm, Monday to Thursday.

With availability for up to 10 express appointments within this two-hour time-slot, you can call and register for an appointment and be given a window of time to visit us.

We recommend that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible to reduce your waiting time in the lobby.

During your ‘Express Patient Care’ appointment, we’ll be able to help with challenges such as making simple repairs, cleaning your devices and making any required adjustments.

This ensures that you can receive the support and care that you need in a quick, convenient and safe manner, allowing you to continue to receive the innovative and five-star hearing care that you’re used to at Physicians Hearing Care.

Audiologist and patient wearing face masks smiling into camera

How to Schedule an ‘Express Patient Care’ Appointment

To schedule an ‘EPC’ appointment, then simply call your local office.

You will be given a time-slot to visit us when there is availability and instructions for how to alert us of your arrival and how they work.

You then check-in within the required time-slot and we’ll send you a text message when we’re ready to see you.

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