Hearing Aid Repair Service by Physicians Hearing Care Tennessee

The audiologists at Physicians Hearing Care Tennessee understand the frustration of a hearing aid that stopped working, but your hearing aids not only represent a significant financial investment, but are also a valuable asset for helping improve your quality of life and maintain your overall health.

The benefits they provide make it worth your while to bring them to our hearing aid technicians for repair. Since hearing aids are sophisticated technology, which come in a wide range of styles, like BTE, RITE, ITE, ITC, CIC, and IIC, each type requires a different kind of TLC, extensive training, and the right equipment to fix it.

Wherever you are in East Tennessee, we have an audiologist with the level of expertise, experience, and equipment to provide advanced repairs, cleaning, or adjustments at our nearby Park West and Fort Sanders locations in Knoxville, our Lenoir City clinic, our Tellico Village office in Loudon, or the hearing clinic in Morristown.

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Very kind and courteous staff. When my hearing aid required sending to factory for repairs, even provided a loaner, to be able to hear. Staff excells to take care of your needs. Highly recommend to anyone.

– Jefferson M.H.

PHC Tennessee Partners with Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers

A major advantage our hearing aid specialists add to your hearing care is connected to the strong relationships we maintain with some of the world’s top hearing aid manufacturers, like:

Because of our partnerships, our hearing aid technicians are well acquainted with the ins and outs of each model and have the expertise to find the right solution to fix your hearing aid.

Our Repair Service

When you’re not getting all the benefits you should be getting from your hearing aid, regardless of the cause, having it repaired as soon as possible is a critical part of maintaining the quality of life and independence it provides.

Most of the hearing aid repair services we provide can be done in our office while you wait, but there are times when we have to send them off to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, especially when they are still under warranty.

When we send your hearing instrument to the manufacturer, we want to get them back to you ASAP, so we use either Federal Express or DHL, and the manufacturers use express shipping to return it.

Consequently, the shipping charge is a part of the hearing repair bill you need to be prepared for.

Hearing aid repair professional fixing a broken hearing aid at Physicians Hearing Care Tennessee
Hearing aid expert repairing a hearing device

Three Common Hearing Aid Repair Problems

Having repaired thousands of hearing aids over the years, we’ve narrowed down most hearing aid repairs to three common problems:

1 Wax Buildup that penetrates into the delicate electronic components and causes them to malfunction.

2 Excessive Moisture, leading to shorting, or the interruption of connections due to corrosion.

3 Broken Components and Loose Wires can be the result of daily wear, dropping and/or stepping on your device, and/or faulty components.

Quick Tip: By developing a faithful habit of proper daily cleaning and care, making sure to avoid getting them wet, and frequent inspections to identify problems before they get worse, you can avoid most of these problems. In addition, in the same way regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance extend the life of your car and enhance its performance, deep cleaning and scheduled maintenance of your hearing aids also help improve its performance and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Aid Repair

#1 - How do I get my hearing aid repaired if I didn’t buy it from PHC Tennessee?

Regardless of whether you are one of our patients or purchased your device somewhere else, our team is happy to provide hearing aid repair for your Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, or Jabra device at an affordable rate.

#2 - What is the cost of hearing aid repair?

The average cost of hearing aid repair is difficult to determine because each case involves different issues. For cases that require the replacement of a microphone or receiver, you can expect to spend between $300 and $400, but a broken case could cost up to $600, while less serious issues might run less than $100.

#3 - Where can I find hearing aid repair near me?

Physicians Hearing Care offers hearing aid repair in all of our clinics, including the Park West and Fort Sanders locations in Knoxville, the Lenoir City clinic, the Tellico Village office in Loudon, or the hearing clinic in Morristown.

#4 - How can I continue my regular activities without my hearing aids?

If your hearing aid repair can’t be completed while you wait or we have to send them back to the manufacturer, we are able to provide you with an emergency hearing aid replacement until yours is ready. We keep several different styles of devices on hand, so we can provide you with a loaner that’ll “do in a pinch,” so you can continue to receive the benefits of better hearing without missing a beat.
Hands holding a hearing aid

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We know you’re frustrated with your malfunctioning hearing aid but resist the temptation to toss it in the junk drawer. The hearing aids service and repair technicians at PHC Tennessee have the expertise, experience, and equipment to help keep your hearing aids working right so you can continue to enjoy the improved lifestyle benefits they are designed to provide.

Schedule a hearing aid repair appointment for cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair by the hearing aid specialist nearest you in Knoxville (Park West/Fort Sanders), Lenoir City, Loudon (Tellico Village), or Morristown using the adjacent form.

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