Virtual Appointments – a Step Forward in Patient Care

Today, everyone is encountering more challenges than ever. We once found it simple to visit our friends, family, and colleagues. Now, we’re learning to socialize and work in a number of alternative ways.

In this new landscape, modern technology has become crucially important. Whether through smartphones, laptops, or tablets, our ability to connect with others via video-link has never seemed so important.

At PHC, we’ve always put patients at the heart of our mission. And that’s why we’re proud to be launching a brand-new dedicated telehealth service, Virtual Appointments, taking advantage of this method of communication.

Through this, we can now hold one-to-one meetings with patients directly. So they can gain life-changing advice and guidance from their homes whatever the situation.

It’s a leap forward in the commitment we share with patients based right across Eastern Tennessee.

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4 steps to virtual appointments

How Do Virtual Appointments Work?

The way doctors of audiology interact with patients has remained remarkably stable over the last 50 years. Usually, someone books an appointment, drives to a center, and then sits down for a chat with their personal specialist.

Virtual Appointments are an evolution of this process. Instead of needing to visit a doctor’s office, patients can use the video function on their smartphone, tablet, or computer to arrange face-to-face conversations with an expert.

This means both now and in the future, they’ll always have a way to gain confidential insights from their doctor of audiology.

Who Can Use the Service?

Our Virtual Appointments service is open to all patients. This includes those who we’ve treated for years and others who are new to our fantastic team and expert service.

Special no-obligation consultations are available to those haven’t visited PHC previously. Whereas, our lifelong patients will receive the same warm, attentive experience that our doctors of audiology offer inside our five locations via the new service.

Those who invest in the latest hearing aid technology can also make use of its “remote assist” capability. This enables specialists to change a device’s levels and frequencies via an internet connection – a great way to continuously manage your hearing condition.

How Can I Book a Virtual Appointment?

It’s never easy to ask for help. When it comes to hearing care, it can take years before someone finally admits to an issue. This often requires plenty of support from their close family members.

Not all issues require treatment with hearing technology. Some who have blockages or ear infections can be cured with simple procedures. But those with permanent problems need to receive expert guidance as soon as possible. Once a person’s hearing begins to decline, it will require regular management.

At PHC, all new patients receive a complimentary 15-minute consultation with a specialist. If you know a loved one with a problem, this is a great place to start their journey to better hearing.

Through these calls, they can gain impartial advice about their particular concern. It’s never been easier to get fast, effective insights about a suspected hearing loss.

If you would like to book a Virtual Appointment for yourself or someone else, fill out the form on this page and a member of the team at PHC will happily schedule a time with you that meets your needs.

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