Physicians Hearing Care Journey to Achieving Better Hearing

Through years of audiological expertise, Physicians Hearing Care has developed a carefully devised journey to achieving better hearing based on serving thousands of patients.

This multi-step journey ensures that your hearing is tested the nth degree, that your’re walked through a decision-making process that allows you to choose the right hearing devices based on your unique circumstances, lifestyle & budget, and that once fitted, your devices are then constantly tailored and personalized to ensure they’re always delivering the highest level of performance for you.

 With this journey, you can be confident knowing that you are in partnership with Tennessee’s leading hearing care experts, working with you to deliver the highest standard of hearing health.

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Our Ten-Step Process to Better Hearing

#1 - Annual Hearing Evaluation

It is recommended to have your hearing professionally evaluated every 12 months by an Audiologist to maintain optimum hearing health.

At Physicians Hearing Care, your hearing receives an advanced multi-step audiological approach to your evaluation, checking your inner ears as well as conducting a full hearing evaluation. 

But don’t worry, hearing evaluations are quick, pain-free and the results are available immediately upon completion.

#2 - Audiology Consultation

Based on your hearing evaluation, your results are plotted onto an audiogram – this is a graph that shows the softest sounds that you can hear at different pitches/frequencies that allows us to accurately understand what you can hear and what you cannot hear.

We’ll walk you through your audiogram, explain the results and answer any questions that you may have

 If a hearing loss is discovered, we’ll then take you through our four-step process.

We’ll start by understanding what your lifestyle looks like. Are you still working? Are you involved in any social groups? What do you enjoy doing?

Based on these answers, we can understand the level of hearing technology that you may require in order to seamlessly complement your day-to-day life and activities.

We’ll then be setting goals and objectives of what we want to achieve on our journey to better hearing, gaining complete clarity on expectations and mapping out a timeline.

Finally, we’ll discuss the options available to you, giving you full clarity on the available treatment plans and levels of hearing technology that is recommended to suit your lifestyle and budget.

#3 - Decision Making Process

You now have a decision to make, but don’t worry – this is completely hands-off and relaxed, you’re not going to be forced into making a quick decision.

We will be there to answer any questions and discuss any concerns that you may have. 

You’re welcome to speak to your loved ones and schedule a second appointment where you may want to bring your loved ones with you.  

#4 - Product Selection

We can now select the right hearing aid technology for you based on your decisions up until this stage.

A range of different hearing devices will be demonstrated for you, we’ll discuss the benefits of each, the different styles and you will be fitted with devices to find which you feel most comfortable wearing.

There is no time limit or rush with this decision – we’re on hand to work with you to help you make the right decision based on your unique circumstances.

#5 - Custom Programming

The next step is to program your chosen hearing devices based on the results of your audiogram.

This is why having a professional hearing assessment by an audiologist is so important to ensure that your devices are accurately programmed.

With online hearing tests and big-box retailers now offering hearing assessments, we often end up helping patients that have their hearing aids incorrectly programmed to their level of hearing loss, resulting in frustration and often a waste of money.

But as you’re visiting Tennessee’s leading team of audiologists, your devices will be accurately programmed to your exact levels of hearing loss, ensuring they’re perfectly tailored and personalized for you.

#6 - Initial Fitting

We now have your chosen devices perfectly programmed to the results of your audiogram, tailored to your hearing. 

You are now ready to be fitted with your hearing aids for the first time.

This is often our favorite appointment as this is when our patients have those “wow” moments where they get to hear through their new hearing aids for the first time. 

You’ll discover what you’ve been missing, and within an instant, hear a level of sound that you weren’t aware existed. 

By the end of this appointment, you’ll walk away with your personalized hearing aids.

#7 - Real World Adjustments

You’ll be invited back shortly after your fitting for what we call ‘Real World Adjustments’.

This is because we know that you truly start to discover what you love and what you don’t love about your new hearing aids when you walk back into your day-to-day life.

During this appointment, we make amendments to your hearing aids based on your initial experiences.

Maybe certain sounds seem too loud, certain sounds are still a struggle to hear or maybe the shape of your hearing aid is sitting uncomfortably in your ear. 

By working with Tennessee’s leading team of audiologists, we work with you to adjust and further personalize your hearing devices to ensure they’re perfect for you.


#8 - Product Optimization

You’ll be amazed at what your hearing devices can do.

 By this stage, you’ll have experienced the incredible difference that they make to your day-to-day life, but you may not be aware of some of the incredible things that modern hearing aids can do.

During this appointment, we’ll walk you through these features, including things like connectivity to your smartphone so that you can stream music or phone calls directly into your hearing aids, or the app on your device that allows you to customize your devices based on whether you’re at a sports game, a dinner table or in a restaurant.

#9 - Performance Consultation

By this appointment, you’ll have been wearing your hearing aids for a long enough period to know what feels right and what feels wrong.

During your ‘Performance Consultation’ – we’ll help you to ensure your devices are performing to their optimum standard, and make any amends required.

#10 - Ongoing Adjustments and Device Management

We’re then there every step of the way to ensure your hearing devices are always working to their best.

With ongoing adjustments when required and full maintenance, if you ever have any problems with your devices, the performance doesn’t feel as strong as it once was or you’re having any trouble with your devices, then our expert team will be able to professionally clean your devices, change parts such as dome filters and batteries, and keep them performing to the best standard.

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