If you’re struggling to hear, you might feel a bit uneasy. You’re not only concerned about the hearing loss but also about what to do.

It’s important to know that treating hearing loss early greatly improves the prognosis. And it’s particularly important that you choose an Audiologist for your hearing health.

There are several ways to obtain a hearing test or a hearing aid, but there’s only one way to ensure the best outcome. And that’s to see a Doctor of Audiology. Hearing loss is complex, and it’s not always caused by the ear itself.

Here’s why choosing an Audiologist is essential for your hearing health.

Audiologists Have Superior Training

Audiologists are health care professionals who identify and treat hearing, balance, and neural disorders. They must earn a Master’s Degree from an accredited university, and some, like myself, also holds a Doctorate in Audiology.

In addition to medical school, they complete a fellowship or externship and are required to achieve board certification for licensing and accreditation.

Audiologists also enroll in continuing education as part of their licensing requirements, so they stay up to date on the latest practices.

Many are also certified by national associations like the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and are licensed to practice in their state.

They follow the latest research through organizations like the American Academy of Audiology.

Audiologists complete advanced audiological hearing assessments, unlike the basic exams performed by hearing aid specialists.

They follow best practices to achieve the best possible results.

Hearing Aid Dispensers Aren’t Fully Equipped

In contrast, hearing aid dispensers are trained for basic hearing tests and fitting hearing aids, but they aren’t Doctors of Audiology.

This poses certain risks to patients since hearing loss is a medical condition that frequently stems from additional medical conditions. For example, hearing loss can be caused by noise exposure and diseases like meningitis and cancer. Certain antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, antimalarial medicines, loop diuretics, and high doses of painkillers can also impact hearing.

Hearing loss can also be genetic, requiring specific interventional care.

Without proper care from an Audiologist, you risk the wrong diagnosis, as well as progressive hearing loss.

Online Hearing Screenings and Devices Pose Serious Threats

Some people have their hearing assessed online or purchase hearing aids on the internet. This poses multiple threats to your hearing health.

The most basic threat is that you’re likely to receive an ill-fitting, inadequate device that won’t provide quality sound. Hearing aids require a custom fitting and adjustments for optimal sound. Ordering hearing aids online is a one-size-fits-all solution for an individual problem.

It just doesn’t work. But the most serious threat is that you’re also preventing the diagnosis of an underlying medical condition. Otosclerosis, Ménière’s Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Acoustic Neuroma (tumor) are just a few conditions that cause hearing loss and require prompt medical treatment.

Some of these diseases present with symptoms as mild as stuffy ears.

So, it’s essential to see an Audiologist rather than ordering hearing aids online.

Trust Our Providers for Hearing Health

Your ability to hear is essential for a safe and fulfilling life. October is National Audiology Awareness Month, which serves as a great reminder to protect your hearing.

Don’t trust your hearing health to the internet or an unqualified person who isn’t an Audiologist.

Our caring team will walk you through the complete journey, from your initial hearing assessment to a product demonstration, to a hearing aid fitting, to a performance evaluation.

We’re beside you each step of the way on your path to optimal hearing. We offer virtual and express appointments to accommodate all of our patients.

Please schedule an appointment or contact us to see how we can help.

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Dr. Kalyn Bradford Au.D.

Dr. Kalyn Bradford is the director of hearing aid services here at Physician's Hearing Care. She completed her externship with Physician's Hearing Care in 2013 and subsequently joined the practice in 2014 after graduating with her doctoral degree in audiology from Louisiana Tech University. She joined PHC as a clinical audiologist, where she performed comprehensive audiological exams and specialized in helping patients to hear better using the latest hearing aid technology available. She has carried that experience into her current role as director of hearing aid services, where she does an excellent job managing the audiologists to ensure that all patients are treated with the best hearing care possible.