When you’re considering buying hearing aids for the first time, or upgrading your current hearing aids, it makes sense that you will research all you can online before you make your purchase.

And as soon as you enter the words “hearing aids” in a search bar, online companies such as Listen Lively waste no time filling up your social media pages and inboxes with ads for their hearing aids.

So now you’re tempted because the price for a set of Lively hearing aids looks good! You can order them online, fix your hearing loss, and save money. Right? Well … there’s a lot they haven’t told you.

Lively – What Is That?

Lively have a supply agreement with ReSound that sells hearing aids online. They program your hearing aids to the results of their online hearing test, bypassing a hearing test by an audiologist.

Lively only offers two models of hearing aids – battery operated or rechargeable. They claim consumers will save about 50% by buying their hearing aids vs. buying them from an audiologist, but they’re not making an honest comparison. The 2 models they offer are lower end technology from the previous generation’s product offering

That’s because Lively only sells a product whereas an audiologist sells the entire bundle of hearing aids and the ongoing professional services needed for hearing health.

Benefits Of Working With Physicians Hearing Care

There’s just no way an online company is going to be able to match all the benefits of working with a local audiologist. Here’s why:

Lively vs PHC

#1 – A More Accurate Hearing Test

A fully comprehensive hearing test covers every aspect of your hearing health. It includes:

A conversation about your hearing, hearing environment, and medical history.

A complete hearing test that accurately tests how you hear pitches, tones, and spoken sounds. It also measures your eardrum’s responses to soundwaves. This is far superior to an online hearing test.

Our recommendations for the best hearing treatment for you – which might only be a buildup of earwax, making you experience a temporary hearing loss.

An expert-led hearing test matters 100% when it comes to programming your new hearing aids to match the test results. Accurate results mean accurate sound, clarity, and pitch, and less of a chance of having to return your hearing aids for not measuring up.

#2 – A 45-Day Trial Period

Lively offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, during which you have to figure out everything yourself, whereas you get a 45-day full refund trial with PHC’s ongoing, expert support that addresses every aspect of wearing one and fitting it properly.

Lively vs PHC

#3 – Professional, Nearby, In-Person Care

You have a direct line to your nearest PHC location that you can call whenever you need our help. You’ll get help from one of our audiology experts every time, either over the phone or after a short drive to us. We also offer telehealth appointments.

And when you stay local, you help our local businesses thrive and continue to help those in need of our services.

#4 – The Difference Of An Audiologist

We can honestly say that thanks to our many years of education, we can take care of everything to do with not just your hearing devices but also your hearing health.

With hearing aids: 

  • We offer a four-stage fitting process.
  • We train you on all the tech features of your hearing aids.
  • We do a multi-point inspection on your hearing aids every six months.
  • We have all the replacement supplies you could need – domes, filters, etc.
  • We do unlimited adjustments to make sure your hearing aid is doing its job perfectly for you.

With hearing health: 

  • We stay up to date on education ourselves on any new information about hearing care, hearing aids, and hearing loss, so we can always give you the best care possible.
  • We offer earwax management.
  • We look at all aspects of your hearing health at every visit.
  • We refer you to our ENT physicians whenever necessary.
  • We provide ongoing professional care and express emergency care when needed.

#5 – Many Hearing Aid Brands And Models To Choose From

We work with the best brands available and will only recommend the best hearing aid for your hearing needs, lifestyle, fit, and budget.

Lively, on the other hand, only has two behind-the-ear style hearing aids – battery operated or rechargeable.

#6 – Repair And Damage Warranty

Hearing aids are just like any piece of technological equipment – they occasionally need repairs and maintenance to keep them performing their best.

Choose from our All-Inclusive, Signature, Smart, and Essential hearing care plans. All four plans include a loss and damage warranty, a scheduled service plan, a care kit, and a repair warranty.

Drop off your hearing aids for a cleaning or repair next time you’re going by. Compare that to having to mail your hearing aids to Lively and the long wait to get them back.

We also give you a loaner pair of aids if a repair is required (so you never go without), unlike Lively’s repair service that leaves you without until it’s fixed.

We can often even adjust and program your hearing aids remotely, if your hearing aids support this.

We Only Recommend The Best Hearing Aid For Your Hearing Needs

Wearing the right hearing aid for you is the most important part of the purchase process, not the price. It has to do its job properly, and it has to primarily benefit you, not the company selling it.

Once you get your hearing aids, we provide you with all the counseling you need to maintain them and wear them comfortably. Lively sends you videos to watch.

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Dr. Kalyn Bradford Au.D.

Dr. Kalyn Bradford is the director of hearing aid services here at Physician's Hearing Care. She completed her externship with Physician's Hearing Care in 2013 and subsequently joined the practice in 2014 after graduating with her doctoral degree in audiology from Louisiana Tech University. She joined PHC as a clinical audiologist, where she performed comprehensive audiological exams and specialized in helping patients to hear better using the latest hearing aid technology available. She has carried that experience into her current role as director of hearing aid services, where she does an excellent job managing the audiologists to ensure that all patients are treated with the best hearing care possible.